Recruitment is open for the following classes:
  - Resto/Ele Shaman

  - Mage

  - Hunter

  - Holy/Ret Paladin

  - Tank Death Knight

  - Warrior

  - Holy/Shadow Priest

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Naxx 10 Complete by Eno 7/11/10 12:21
Like we have time and time again, we are currently between games. So take it easy, rest up. Have a nap!


Naxx 10 Complete by Butterz 1/24/08 12:21
Not only has the guild progressed in terms of content, we have also built up a solid group of people for whom we enjoy playing the game with. We will continue to grow as a team, and work our way towards heroic content and whatever Blizzard has in store for us in the future.



Plague Quarter Clear! by Butterz 1/2/08 3:21
We came, we danced, we got the loot. We also completed our first Obsidian Sanctum encounter. Horsemen are up next.



Spaulders of the Lost Vanquisher > Alextrias
Gothik who? Gothik what ? by Butterz 12/28/08 11:47
2 more bosses dead - leaving our total this week at 7 bosses down. Not too bad at all. Next up is the 4 Horseman and then its back to the dance studio.


Slayer of the Lifeless > Troma
Heinous Mail Chestguard > Urthshokk

Confirmed, Naxx is pretty freakin' Easy ! by Butterz 12/26/08 12:04
Finished off the Arachnid Quarter tonight and proceeded to one-shot two more bosses as we explored some of the other wings in the instance. They only thing holding us back now is numbers. Yes, we are recruiting and yes, we are DE'ing all kinds of hunter, druid and mage gear. Please come stop us from the madness! Apply on the forums.

Cloak of Armed Strife > Troma
Pendant of Lost Vocations > Biglaff
Robes of Hoarse Breaths > Cytln
Bone Framed Bracers > Biglaff
Retchers Shoulderpads > Biglaff
Minion Bracers > Troma

The Saga Continues... by Butterz 12/22/08 10:37
After a few weeks of building up a small raid force, we ventured into Naxxaramas this evening to get our fix for the raid content we have been itching to experience since the WOTLK release a month prior. With only 2 healers in the group, we managed to defeat the first two bosses in the Arachnid Quarter. Excellent job folks !



We want you! by Butterz 9/20/08 00:37
We are looking for good players, players with extensive knowledge of their class and the game in it's current state, who come to raids prepared with all available information on encounters, who learn from their mistakes and generally just have good spatial awareness and reaction times.
Gear is not of most importance right now (but usually tells us something about your level of play), dedication and motivation is. While good gear is a plus, we're essentially looking for players who have the best of what's obtainable for them, if it's not enchanted, don't bother, if it's not fully gemmed, don't bother. You should be competitive and seek to improve your weaknesses.

Last but not least, you should enjoy the game. We don't want players who are going to bitch and moan endlessly, and then quit the game after a short period of time.

We are not recruiting players to help us power level our alts. We are recruiting players who are willing to push it as hard as they can once WotLK arrives.

If you have any questions regarding recruitment, feel free to contact Brutice in-game .