Dark Angels is a US Alliance-guild playing on the Magtheridon (PvP) realm. This is a tight knit end-game raiding guild for those that enjoy raiding and keeping up with the new content while playing with mature intelligent team orientated and talented players. We are all about having fun and supporting each other while being very focused in defeating raid content. Raiding should be of interest to you as we spend a fair amount of our online time either raiding or preparing/studying for raids as a group and/or individually.

Abuse and malbehaviour in official raids and or pickup runs, like flaming and or ninjaing are strictly prohibited. Inflamatory language with a malicious intend towards others in either guildchat or raidchat will not be tolerated. Respect your fellow guildmembers. If you have a problem with a fellow guildmember try to solve it by talking it through privately with the player in question. If you're unable to settle things inform the guild leader for further assistance.

Wanted recipes, materials and or items acquired in offical guild runs will be for your own use only. It is not allowed to put them on the AH or sell them to other players. Unwanted recipes, materials and or items found in official guild raids will either go to the guildbank or if possible be disenchanted in which case the residuals go to the guildbank.

We as a guild focus on PvE this means that on the officially planned raid days all members that are online are expected to join the raid.

These are the the official raid days in Dark Angels. There will be no raids during offdays although exceptions can be made incase of exceptional progress or in the case of major scheduling conflicts (i.e. holidays).
Raid Day Raid Type Raid Starting Time
Tuesday10-man raid7:30pm
Thursday10-man raid7:30pm
Sunday10-man raid7:30pm

Signing up for raids is mandatory whether you can or cannot attend. This is to give the raidleader a clear overview of what classes are available and whether a raid is possible or not. Signing up for raids for the designated timeframe will enable you to attend the raid unless it is overbooked in which case the raid leader will select the most balanced raid group. Signing up for raids at a certain day but at a time later than the official start of the raid will give you no certainty of entry. Make sure that if you sign up for time xx:xx you can actually attend at that time and not have to go afk at time xx:xx for 30 minutes or so.

If you signed up as available for a raid you are expected to be in the correct instance at the time specified in the sign up thread. The time stated in the sign up thread is the time at which we start pulling. Being ganked by the Horde is no excuse to be late. Also being in another instance at the start of the raid "just finishing" is not an acceptable reason to be late.

If you signed up as available and something comes up through which you cannot attend make sure to send a private message on the forum to Brutice or notify him ingame.

If you have to go AFK during an instance run make sure you notify the raid leader. If you do not notify the raid leader and are AFK for an extended period of time for no apparant reason you might find yourself replaced. If you have to go quickly AFK just before a pull make absolutely sure that you inform the raid leader to prevent a raid from wiping. To not inform during a situation like this is totally unacceptable.

The trial period lasts two weeks during which a trial is expected to be active. This means you attend most of the raids. If you fail to meet the activity requirements because of a valid reason there is a possibility of an extended trial for an additional week. Trials receive full dkp, however they cannot take loot over full members regardless of their dkp value. Succesfully meeting the requirements will result in a full membership, failure to comply will result in a termination of the trial membership.